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Can you take yeast infection from your dog?

Maik Kastner 17/08/2017

yeast infection

Your pet loves to jump in puddles and play in muddy soil. But did you know that if you don’t wash and dry the paws of your furry friend, he might get a nail fungal infection? The dog nail condition manifests with symptoms that can include discoloration, deformity, tenderness when walking, claw loss, and many others. Did you know that the germs could pass to the owner, too? When your nails are yellow, brittle, and discolored, you may need ZetaClear. How can you take yeast infection from your dog?

About canine yeast infection

The parasites could cause red patches on the skin all over the body or affect the claws. Yeasts or fungi enter the body through a tiny injury or cut, or after having wet paws for too long. Statistics show that working dogs spend more time than others in a humid environment, which is the place where germs thrive. The most common causes of nail infections are fungus (dermatophyte), bacteria, demodectic mange (demodicosis), yeast (candida, Malassezia), leishmaniasis (when the disease appears because of protozoa).

The canine yeast infection – caused by Candida albicans – can easily spread to other pets and even to humans, based on this article. When your nails become discolored, crumbly, with white spots, and change their shape, chances are you have onychomycosis, as well. If your pet needs treatment with antifungal creams and probably pills, too, you have to start using ZetaClear to eliminate the signs of infection and get rid of the harmful microorganisms.

ZetaClear consists in a combination of systemic treatment and local solution that work together against the fungal nail infection. The products are made of 100% natural ingredients and act as a barrier against yeasts and fungi. After several weeks or months of treatment with ZetaClear, you will improve nail health. It means that you remove the germs, and they will not pass to your dog again.

How to take ZetaClear to eliminate onychomycosis

Both you and your dog need treatment when you have the unpleasant symptoms. Did you know that the canine yeast infection and human onychomycosis can trigger the loss of the claw/ nail? That’s why you have to use the ZetaClear homeopathic spray and apply the clear solution daily. As for your working dog, the vet will recommend a topical cream or spray. In the same time, your furry friend must wear a collar to avoid licking or chewing the nails affected.

Healing takes time. Knowing that the nails grow completely in approximately 6 months, you’ll probably have to get your treatment for a couple of months until the symptoms disappear and healthy nail growth is restored. After using ZetaClear according to the instructions mentioned on the label, you will regain the beauty of your nails together with your confidence.

Because you can take yeast infection from your dog, you must treat your four-legged friend as soon as the fungal symptoms appear. Once your pet gets rid of the nail disorder, you will both have a perfect time together. No more obsessive chewing the paws, no more pain when jumping all around!