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A short list of working dog breeds

A short list of working dog breeds

Maik Kastner 02/06/2017

Dogs – and particularly the working ones – have strong roots as draft animals and farm dogs. They have helped humankind for centuries, ever since the first canine was domesticated. In current days, we use working breeds for guard, in the police, army, as farm dogs, or service dogs. Here is a short list of working dog breeds.

A short list you must check before breeding dogs

Make sure you do some research before choosing the canine breed, especially when you want to get an intelligent, courageous, and fearless dog to guard your yard or help you with other services. What if the dog you end up with is too friendly with strangers? And what if it gets aggressive when you leave it alone for too long? Take a look on our short list and find what the best working dog breeds are.

  • Bullmastiff
  • Akita Inu
  • Cane Corso
  • Siberian Husky
  • Golden Retriever
  • Saint Bernard
  • Anatolian Shepherd Dog

The Bullmastiff breed is powerful, docile, loyal, and courageous. They are reliable and calm but can become alerted when it’s necessary. Unfortunately, they cannot tolerate extreme temperatures, so think carefully before getting one as a watchdog. A Hovawart would be more appropriate if all you want is an intelligent guard dog. Akita Inu is docile, friendly, and dignified. Because it is intelligent and responsive, it is successfully used in the Military Forces. But did you know that Akita was originally used for hunting bear, deer and wild boar in Japan?

Cane Corso gets ferocious when it comes to protecting its home. It may be untrustworthy and aggressive, but it does a great job as guard dogs. If you want a sociable pet, all you have to do is train them properly when they are puppies. The Siberian Husky is friendly, alert, intelligent, and gentle. It is the most common sledding dog, as you may recall from the tons of movies ever made. Because they like to dig their way to go hunting, you may want to bury the wire at the base of your large yard’s fence.

The most intelligent working dog breeds

Who would have thought that the Golden Retriever was originally bred to help the hunters of fowl find and retrieve their game? The dogs are happy, loyal, smart, and full of energy. Train them to dock diving, obedience, and fetching if you want to learn how to control them. Nowadays, they are also used as service dogs because they help their owners both emotionally and physically.

As for the Saint Bernard, the breed was originally used for guard, draft, herding, hunting, search and rescue, and even as farm dogs. They are watchful, gentle, lively, and friendly, while their intelligence makes it easier to be trained for basically any job. On the other hand, the Anatolian Shepherd Dog was bred to assist ranchers in moving their livestock. They are reserved around strangers and naturally protective, too, so they can be pretty good guard dogs.

The short list of working dog breeds certainly answered to your questions. What you must keep in mind that if you want to accomplish the best results and have a faithful working dog, you need to start training them when they are young. Why do you need to get a four-legged assistant?