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Innovative Treatments for Toenail Infections

Treatments for Toenail Infections

Maik Kastner 16/06/2017

If you have been battling toenail fungus for a longer period and you are tired of hiding your toes whenever you are in public, you can now choose to use ZetaClear or any of the innovative treatments that could help you to deal with toenail fungus effectively.

Cold plasma

It is one of the treatments solutions that is becoming popular in treating and managing toenail infections.

It is an ionized gas that was discovered in the 19th century and has antibacterial properties. It helps the blood to clot and plays a vital role in reducing bleeding risks. Other than being used to fight toenail fungus, cold plasma can be used in the dental procedure in helping to remove plaque. It is anticipated that the doctors will use this procedure in future to remove malignant tumors. Cold plasma could suitably be used to eliminate fungal pathogens and could take longer than 45 minutes to eliminate the problem. The application is painless, and ZetaClear treatment will give the expected results.

Laser Treatments

It is another innovative treatment that can be used to treat the most common infections. Laser therapies are used to treat fungal infections that fail to respond to topical and oral treatments. The therapy entails emitting a high dose of light energy to the infected nail. The proved lasers include the diode laser, Nd: YAG laser, TI : Sapphire mode-locked laser. Laser treatment has been found to lead to an improvement in the appearance of the nail and can appropriately be used to cure nail condition. The treatment leads to the improvement in the appearance of the affected nail and may require a couple of sessions to address the toenail fungal infection. The laser treatment is perceived as a highly efficient solution that can effectively deal with stubborn and reoccurring toenail infections.

It entails three major steps; the doctor files the nail because such nail will naturally be thick after some time and may not allow the laser light to penetrate through the tissue. The next step is the application of laser to the affected nail in a circular pattern to cover both the nail and the nail fold. During this process, you will experience a heating sensation and some discomfort. The last step entails application of the laser on the part of the nail that is severely affected. This procedure may be done in 2-3 sessions.

Laser therapy is an excellent treatment that can be used to treat toenail fungus in people who cannot take anti-fungal medication and those afflicted by stubborn infections which cannot be treated using topical agents. It is a minimally invasive procedure that can be used to treat the skin fold and nail.

Of all the toenail fungal infections treatment, cold plasma is one of the methods that is promising to give a solution to the toenail infection problem. It can be prescribed to people with pre-existing conditions like chronic liver diseases who cannot benefit from oral antifungal medication.