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Must-have Hovawart training equipment

Hovawart training equipment

Maik Kastner 12/06/2017

Training your dog isn’t an easy job. You have to put a lot of time and effort to accomplish the best results! Because the Hovawart breed is often used for guard, he demands a consistent, loving, and strict training. Their activity ought to be meaningful throughout their lives. Therefore, invest in must-have Hovawart training equipment.

Why you must have a Hovawart

They are excellent family dogs. The origins of the breed are impressive. If they were popular in the 15th century, when they were recognized as one of “The Five Noble Breeds,” they almost disappeared at the beginning of the 20th century. That’s when a group of German enthusiasts decided to save the Hovawart. Now we are thankful for having such an incredible guard for the family and property against both human and animal aggression.

The first thing you ought to do when starting the training is building a bond with the Hovawart. This step is crucial for a successful training! Be caring, get them to love you, and you already earned their confidence and trust. Define boundaries with fairness and firmness, then proceed with the lesson. Remember that without enforceable limitations, your dog will not develop respect. Spend time together, promote a level of mutual respect, experience life together, and communicate to understand each other.

The learning period of a Hovawart includes several stages: the teaching phase (when you show your doggie what you want him to execute), the practicing stage (repeat over and over), and the generalizing phase (repeating the same tasks, but in different locations and under various distractions). They are followed by the testing phase (when you make the same command in the presence of many distractions), and the internalizing phase (the rewarding one, because your pet will already do everything without your commands).

Training equipment for a happy dog

The steps mentioned above could not be performed impeccably without an exercise equipment. Although the Hovawart dogs are brilliant and learn fast, you must repeat the commands thoroughly until they are performed flawlessly. For the reward based training method, you need plenty of treats. As for the equipment, invest in whistles, harnesses, muzzles, collards, and leashes.

Puppy supplies are a must have, especially if you cannot keep up with your doggie’s energy. Get some puppy gates and pens, and toys to make sure they are always busy. What toys should you have? The Hovie loves the tether tug, orbee-tuff bones and balls, and Tuffy plush toys. Get a wristband with a button clicker when your animal will grow. It will let your four-legged friend know when he has performed the desired action. If he gets nervous when he hears the noise, get a clicker that has volume control.

The must-have Hovawart training equipment will facilitate the training lessons. Don’t forget your protection gear, especially if you want to raise your pup as a fierce lifeguard. Get some leg and arm sleeves before investing in a bite suit. Always request the assistance of a professional trainer when you teach your dog more difficult or dangerous moves. After considerable efforts and hundreds of hours of training, your Hovawart will reach to the internalizing phase. Congratulation when your pup will eventually sense your needs and perform the commands without your asking!